Radon Mitigation for Sellers & Agents

It’s the news that no home seller or real estate agent wants to hear. You’re nearing your closing date and the home inspection has returned a level of radon that requires attention before the sale can be finalized. There’s no need to panic. Guardian can help!

Guardian has helped thousands of home sellers and real estate agents in the installation of radon mitigation systems since we started in business in 2008. We understand what it takes to install a radon mitigation system on budget and on time. Our team of radon system professionals also has the expertise to install a system that is discreet and will be aesthetically pleasing to the home buyer.

If you’re a home seller or real estate agent with a test showing elevated levels of radon, call the pros at Guardian Radon Mitigation and Electrical Services and leave the rest to us!

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Radon Doesn’t Have to Kill the Deal

We receive a lot of calls from home sellers and real estate agents with questions about radon. Questions like:

  • We just got our radon test back. What does it mean?
  • We’re thinking of listing our house. Should we have a radon test first?
  • We know we have elevated radon levels in our home. Does that mean we can’t sell it?

The truth is elevated radon levels in your home are a cause for concern. After all, exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. However, radon Issues don’t have to kill a real estate deal. There are cost-effective steps you can take to ensure the home you’re selling is compliant and safe for years to come. Give Guardian a call, we can help!

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I had an amazing experience with Guardian Radon. I searched Yelp and read the amazing reviews and called Mary Anne who is incredibly nice and up front with pricing and basic info I needed to get an estimate. Chris arrived on time for the estimate and was able to do a comprehensive walk through and outlined the price and work details required to get my radon system installed in my Naperville home, new build in 2009. I have a full finished basement and Chris and his team arrived promptly today to install the system and knocked it out in three hours and their work is impeccable, they are clean and extremely professional. I will only refer people to Chris from now on for radon mitigation. What a great experience! Do not go anywhere else – call this company. They matched also the piping with downspout pipe that is exactly the same color of my current clay colored downspouts. My pre system radon readings were done on a $200 handheld Corentium detector and registered between 5 and 9. Will update this with my post 1 week readings soon.

Raj K

Naperville, IL

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