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Guardian Radon Mitigation proudly serves the Yorkville, IL community with expertly installed radon mitigation systems for your home, remodel or new construction radon project. Headed by Christopher Bice, Radon Mitigation Professional (RNM2008209), Guardian Radon Mitigation provides expert guidance with every detail of your radon installation system.

At Guardian Radon Mitigation, we are dedicated to educating Yorkville, IL families about radon and reducing their exposure to radon gas. Every home in Yorkville, IL has some form of radon gas exposure. The EPA recommends having your home mitigated if your levels reach 4.0 pci/L or above. Other agencies such as the American Lung Association and The American Cancer Society recommend mitigating any home with levels between 2.0 – 4.0 pci/L.

What does all of this mean to you and your family? Simply put, Radon gas is a known Class A carcinogen, similar to cigarette smoking. The radon gas enters into your home through stack effect, much like how your chimney works. The radon gas will find its way into your home through your basement floor, crawl space(s) and even slab on grade. Many homes have a combination of these footprints. Current data suggests that a home with a radon level of 4.0 pci/l is the same as a non-smoking person smoking a half pack of cigarettes per day – YIKES! Long term exposure increases one’s risk of developing lung and/or esophageal cancers.

So what should you do about it? If you are selling a home in Yorkville, IL it is a State requirement to disclose elevated radon levels. Many times your buyers will ask for the remediation prior to taking possession of the home. If you are a staying in your property you will need to make a decision about mitigation. This is a fixable problem.

Why call Guardian Radon for your Radon Mitigation? Guardian Radon will provide the most cost effective, code complaint and effective system available. We use superior materials, have extensive construction knowledge and years of experience installing radon systems in all types and ages of Yorkville, IL homes. Our friendly office staff will greet you and gather pertinent information about your home. Our free, in home consultation will offer you the best solution for your radon problem and our results are guaranteed and backed by a 5 year, fully transferrable warranty!

Find out for yourself why Guardian Radon is Yorkville’s #1 choice for Radon Mitigation. Call us today!


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