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For expertly applied radon mitigation services in Shorewood, IL look to Guardian Radon Mitigation Services as your local professional. Guardian Radon Mitigation & Electrical Services, LLC is a State of Illinois, Licensed and Certified Radon Mitigation contractor specializing in residential services in Shorewood, IL. We hold licensing in both radon mitigation and electrical offering our clients a dual service when in need.

Each member of our team has an extensive construction background. Our team’s knowledge is key for integrating the radon system into your home in Shorewood, IL.

Brand new construction or vintage, occupied or vacant, drafty or air tight…every home in Shorewood, IL has some level of radon gas present. Guardian Radon Mitigation has the know how to adapt to the needs of your particular home and provide a cost efficient, code compliant, aesthetically pleasing system that provides results! Each installation in Shorewood, IL is guaranteed to reduce any and all levels of radon gas below 4.0 pci/L and we will mitigate the home to the lowest levels achievable. All work is backed by a 5 year, owner transferrable warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Guardian Radon is licensed by the IEMA, which is the governing body for the State of Illinois Radon Program. Our customized installation technique(s) will get to the source of your radon problem and resolve your issues in as little as one day. Depending on your home, Guardian Radon will offer your choice of an outside installation, attic installation, repair of an existing system or an activation of a builder installed skeletal system.

You cannot prevent radon gas from occurring but you can certainly manage it. Guardian Radon offers our Shorewood, IL clients prompt, courteous service and turnaround to accommodate their schedule. Be sure and contact Guardian Radon today! We are a full time Radon Mitigation Company with our office staff and field professionals here to serve you.

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