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Guardian Radon Mitigation & Electrical Services, LLC specializes in providing Residential radon mitigation system installs, repairs and activations of builder installed “skeletal” systems in Aurora, IL. Using only the highest quality of materials and experienced installers, Guardian Radon’s radon removal systems are built to last! We hold licensing in both radon mitigation (RNM2008209) and electrical code corrections offering our Aurora, IL clients a dual purpose and bundling of services.

Does your home in Aurora, IL have a basement? Crawlspace? Slab on grade? Or a combination of any of the above? Guardian Radon Mitigation offers various types of installations including exterior installed systems, attic installed systems, radon mitigation for crawl spaces or a combination to accommodate various foot prints of your Aurora, IL home.

All Aurora, IL homes have some level of radon gas. Our goal at Guardian Radon is to promote indoor air quality and safety. All of our installations guarantee results under 4.0 pci/L and we mitigate each home to the lowest achievable level for that property and we have a 100% success rate! How do we know we are doing it “right?” Experience, experience, experience. During our installation process, there are various spot checks that we do to get a gauge as to whether the system is acting properly. Basically, a mini-diagnosis of what is happening at that point. Although system installs all start the same way, there are subtle nuances in each home that need special attention. Your Aurora, IL home will not be exactly the same as your neighbors.

So what differentiates Guardian Radon Mitigation from the rest?? Well, Guardian Radon operates as a full time radon mitigation company with a full time office staff and licensed field technicians to assist you quickly, professionally and effectively. Whether you are staying in your current home, looking at buying a home or are in the process of selling our staff will help evaluate your needs from your first point of contact. Guardian will even work with your Real Estate Team, Builder and/or Attorney to help you get to closing quickly!

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