What’s Considered a High Level of Radon?

Recently, I took a call from a potential client who happened to be a homeowner. She had purchased a home testing device and was testing various levels of her home. When we spoke, she mentioned that her levels didn’t seem “that bad,” but she was still curious about what our thoughts were on the subject.

Digging deeper, I learned that her average radon value was at 5.6 pCi/l. Now on the surface, it may not seem like a big deal. It’s only a “little over” the action limit of 4.0 pCi/l. So, as we continued our discussion, it allowed me to learn more about their day-to-day activities and home environment.

As a consumer, it’s almost as if we’ve been “programmed” to know about the radon action limit. So much so, that many folks take it as a pass/fail decision without further consideration. Don’t get me wrong, in a real estate transaction it IS a pass/fail disclosure – but we’re talking about just living in a home. As a homeowner, or frankly a tenant.

Have you considered what your levels mean, when it comes to how you use your home? Do you work outside of the home or travel a lot for work? What about those with a hybrid schedule? Are you retired? Do you work full-time from home or are you a stay-at-home parent?? You may be very surprised what a radon level will mean when taking into account how you utilize YOUR home.

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***If you have found this article insightful, consider sharing it with your network of friends and family. Mary Anne Bice is the Business Manager for Guardian Radon, and long time Radon Advocate in the community

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