3 Ways Your Tax Return Can Improve Your Indoor Air

As the latest round of stimulus checks begins hitting bank accounts and mailboxes, now may be the time to consider using your extra funds to improve the indoor air quality of your home. But where should you start?


Yup! This is where it all begins. As a homeowner, the world is your oyster. You can use a simple charcoal canister test kit that they sell at the hardware stores and your local county offices.

Should you hire a radon testing professional?? What about the cool new radon detector gadgets and Bluetooth devices and apps to keep an ongoing “eye” on radon levels. All homes have some level of radon in them. Some more than others, and depending on what you uncover, you may find that it makes sense to install a radon system. Questions? Ask us! We’re here to help.


It’s true! In the collar counties of Chicago that we service, there has been a new housing construction boom that has spanned at least two decades. Many of these communities were trailblazers and adopted the Radon Resistance New Construction code way ahead of schedule. Others waited until it was mandated by the state (June 1, 2013).

So many of you have the structure already there. Are you ready to add the radon fan to activate your passive system? Keep in mind the structure itself does not actively reduce your indoor radon levels which we still find surprises so many people. The radon fan in addition to the structure itself work together. When active, the fan will depressurize under your slab foundation(s), greatly controlling the amount of gas that can then enter the home. Questions? Ask us! We’re here to help.


Ok, not all homes have a passive structure in them. Here in Kendall County, if you have a home built in the mid-90’s or earlier, you likely do not have the structure to activate. On existing homes such as this, your radon professional will install the entire structure, including the radon fan and all of the components necessary to have a complete, code-compliant system.

Most installations will take about a half-day to complete. Some less, some more depending on the complexity of the job. At the end of the day – be sure you are utilizing an IEMA licensed Radon Professional! Water mitigation companies, electricians, handymen, environmental organizations, I can go on and on…..they are not licensed to install radon systems. With the exception of plumbers, who are allowed to install the structure itself – plumbers are not allowed to activate them in any way – per code. Questions? Ask us! We’re here to help.

**If you have found this article to be helpful, consider sharing it on your social media page. Christopher Bice is the founder of Guardian Radon Mitigation & Electrical Services, LLC. Christopher is an Illinois licensed Radon Mitigation Professional through IEMA.

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