Should I Accept a Credit for Radon Mitigation?

You finally found THE house and are ready to make an offer. Most offers will be written with contingencies such as a home inspection, or securing financing etc. It is during the home inspection process that many potential buyers will want to have radon testing performed to see if the home is “safe” or has any concern with regards to Radon gas.

Here in Illinois the upper third of the state has a much heavier concentration of radon in the soil rather than a home further South. As a matter of fact, approximately one-half of all homes in our area will test high for radon at one time or another.

Whenever there is a “Seller’s Market” we get several buyers that will call asking the same question. “The house has high radon and the sellers want to offer me a credit…what should I do?”

There are two different ways to come to an agreement:

Ask for the repair to be completed prior to the closing.

Ask/agree for money in lieu of the repair occurring – a.k.a “taking a credit.”

So which way is better?

The decision is whatever is best for you! The benefit to having the radon system installed prior to closing is you know it is done and the house can and should be tested prior to closing to verify that. You can “check that box” off of your to do list. The potential downside ~ many sellers see this is as a transaction. Therefore, they may seek out repairs to be done as inexpensively as possible which can and often will have a long term effect on the radon system. (i.e. you get what you pay for).

Alternatively, you can accept the credit for the repair and it allows you as the new homeowner to research potential contractors for all things that are important to you. There ARE different product grades of radon systems. I often use the example when speaking to a potential client – “It’s like paint.” “You may select a less expensive paint and in the end you have a painted wall. How well that paint holds up??” You get the jist.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. But it does take time to counsel with a client as it’s a very valid question. Here at Guardian Radon, we are a full time radon mitigation company with a dedicated staff and multiple licensed installers that can help answer all of your questions. Have a question about Radon – give our office a call!

**If you have found this article to be helpful, consider sharing it on your social media page. Christopher Bice is the founder of Guardian Radon Mitigation & Electrical Services, LLC. Christopher is an Illinois licensed Radon Mitigation Professional through IEMA.

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