What Keeps Water Out Of My Radon Vent?

An inquiry we receive often states: “Why don’t you cap the radon system vent pipe outside? What happens with rain and snow?” At the surface this question seems rather rational. But as we dig deeper, you’ll come to understand why the stack doesn’t get capped.

First things first. It comes down to code. Illinois Emergency Management Agency does not allow the vent stack to be capped at the top simply because it will interfere with the gas escaping – which is what you have a radon system for. If a cap were placed at the top of the stack it would cause the exhaust gas to be blown downward toward the home and have the ability to re-enter your home.

When the weather creates rain/snow, very little of the precipitation is collected inside of your stack. Keep in mind, that stack is pushing air out at all times as long as your system is running and this will keep most of the rain and debris out.

Any water that does get into the pipe will travel back through the sealed pipe and go back into the ground. Furthermore, the fans are designed to handle the water and the pipe is pitched in a manner so when water is collected it can drain down to the suction point. Water that is visible is created naturally by condensation and is harmless.

If you still seem skeptical, go outside and look up at your roof. You will see more than one PVC pipe venting out of your roof and up to the sky. The plumbing vents/stacks are not covered either. Simply because water (the little that it is catching) travels back through the sealed pipe and into the ground.

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