If These Walls Could Talk

Oh, the stories they would tell……What may seem old to the eye, becomes a piece of the communities history. This is the place where families gathered, memories have been made, joy, pride, grief and even sometimes loneliness are felt within those walls.

When I’m asked to review a historic home, the first thing I do is put down my tools and just take it all in! This is a home that surely will be unique, hold a few surprises (sometimes a few too many!), challenge construction methodology and surely tell me how this job is going to go!!

Radon mitigation in homes all have some of the same elements…..suction point(s) (i.e. drill points), pipe, radon fan, sealants etc. However, when we have an old home, often there becomes more to the story. The additions, the extra foundations we may find, the limestone and brick and the wood! We’d be challenged to be able to afford to build with the same materials today! Often a home of this caliber will often require more work and care than a newer property. Remember, we never get to work with the pretty stuff above ground ~ we are working with the organic material(s) underneath the home.

Radon Mitigation for older homes can be successful with the right engineering, skilled team and experience of the installers.  Unlike many others, we’ve see our share of “hard to handle” cases each and every year and we’ve developed processes during installation that are designed specifically for vintage homes. We’re always happy to talk. Give our office a call and see what solutions Guardian has for your home.

Christopher Bice is the Founder of Guardian Radon Mitigation & Electrical Services LLC. He is a sought out speaker in his field, has been invited for podcasts and is a well respected educator and radon advocate.

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