Can I Host The Holidays In My Home With Radon?

The holiday season has arrived, and you’re getting ready to host a holiday gathering in your home. But you recently tested for radon or received test results of high radon levels in your home and the high levels of radon came back on the test. Now you’re wondering if you should host family and friends in your home or suggest another place? We share some things to consider and the next steps to take before hosting the next event in your home. 

While radon doesn’t have an immediate effect on you, it can have long lasting effects, and it does take time for those to appear. It is a cancer-causing gas that you cannot see or touch, and long-term radon exposure can increase your risk of lung cancer and other diseases. 

Since radon is released by elements from the Earth’s soil and rock and is a naturally occurring gas, it can seep into your home through foundation cracks, gaps around pipes and wires, crawl spaces, sump pits, and floor drains and the most common place it’s found in your home is your basement.

Radon Testing & Its Importance

The first step you’ll want to take is to test your home for radon. There are two types of testing, short-term and long-term radon testing. Guardian Radon Mitigation does not provide testing services, however you can find a radon test company in your local area, or purchase your own home test kit. 

It’s important to note that radon levels do fluctuate, so it can be challenging to accurately find out whether your home has harmful radon or not. The average indoor radon concentration is about 1.3pCi/L, and it is recommended to test at least two times to ensure you’re not receiving inconsistent results. If you find consistently high radon levels, you’ll want to call a licensed radon contractor, like Guardian Radon Mitigation to install a radon mitigation system in your home. 

Prevention and Cautious Measures To Take  

While you can’t completely prevent radon and keep your air clean from the invisible gas, you can take some preventative measures in your home. With the holidays here, you might be buying for your loved ones, but why not treat your home to some necessary items. 

Carbon Monoxide and Radon Detectors: You likely already have these in your home, but it’s important to update them if needed.

Radon Testing Kits: Even if you’ve already tested your home for radon, and had a mitigation system installed, it’s important to have these tests on hand to test your indoor air from time to time. You can purchase these at any local hardware store or online for convenience, or hire experienced professionals to test your home. 

Increase Airflow: Even though, the temperatures have dropped, and the air is a little chilly outside, opening your windows, and using fans and vents will increase airflow, and help with radon exposure. It’s only a temporary measure, but natural ventilation can help reduce any further radon exposure.

So this holiday season, if your home has tested positive for radon, don’t worry you can still host an event! You’ll just want to take some action beforehand, be sure to call Guardian Radon Mitigation as soon as possible to install a radon mitigation system in your home.

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