Naperville, IL Radon Gas Levels

Many do not realize that over one-half of homes in Naperville, IL test high for radon gas. Too many times, homeowners are caught by surprise when they are in the process of moving and the buyers request a radon test. Our mitigation teams spend on average 2-3 days each week installing radon systems in Naperville.

What can YOU do about it? Let’s start with radon testing – you cannot fix what you are unaware of. Get your home tested, and do your homework.

Did you know that Guardian can install a radon system that will effectively bring down all of your radon gas levels in as little as 24 hours?? The effects of radon gas are so significant that back in 2008 the Illinois General Assembly along with the National Real Estate Association approved together the Illinois Radon Awareness Act. It requires Sellers of a home to provide radon disclosure to their potential Buyer. In most cases, the Seller does not have any knowledge of radon gas levels in their home, therefore prompting the Buyers to have a radon test performed.

Getting back to YOUR Naperville home….why not test it for your own health and safety and that of your loved ones? Now that you know that more than one-half of the homes tested are elevated, you’ll need a plan.

Guardian Radon Mitigation in nearby Oswego provides not only a high-quality radon mitigation system that is covered under warranty, we have the added value of also having our electrical license. There is a difference in mitigation techniques and the quality regarding how your radon fan is provided power!! Let us talk with you about a comprehensive, cost-effective method for making your home safe!

If you are a Naperville resident and have questions for our team, please complete the form below and we’ll contact you right away!

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